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Why We’re Unique

I started RWI Limousine Repair's Inc. in 1995 as a mobile business with only a handful of customers.  Over the years we have grown into a modern, well equipped 6000 sq  service facility.  We now get vehicles from all over the country due to our quality service and knowhow.

As a young man I worked for a few different Lincoln Mercury Dealerships.  As time went on I noticed how most other technicians had no interest in Limousines.  I found them interesting and wanted to service more aspects of the vehicle then just the standard mechanical parts.  With a big push from my wife Beth, we founded RWI Limousine Repairs Inc. as a mobile business.  After a few years we opened our first facility in Garfield NJ, it was a little hole in the wall shop, but it was a start.  A few more years went by and we relocated to a larger facility also in Garfield.  Many years later the industry was shifting, larger and larger limos were taking over and now some customers were dipping their toes into the bus market, it was time to move again.

After a lot of looking we founded our current facility, a modern well equipped 6000 sq. ft. building with lots of room to grow.  Our facility has changed quite a bit over the years but our business model never has, we are here for the Livery Transportation Industry.  We offer a full line of services with top quality workmanship.  We are factory authorized and recommended by most coach builders and specialty parts companies.

Please have a look at the Services and Gallery pages for an idea of what we can do for you.

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