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Ford Transit Connect radio upgrade

We upgraded this vehicle to a new Sony head unit featuring Apple CarPlay.  We also added a flush mount USB jack for easy connection of a phone cable

Limousine Crossmember Replacement

This vehicle came in with rotted driveline crossmembers.  We cut out the rotted metal, fabricated new heavy gauge steel parts, laser aligned the driveline, welded in the new parts, and undercoated.

Krystal Koach Electrical System Replacement

This vehicle came in badly burnt electrical system due to an over charging alternator.  Parts are no longer available for this system so we removed it and adapted a new Horizon touch screen system.

Ford Transit Luggage Wall

This vehicle serves a ski resort.  The customer needed a wall, a shelf, and also stand up room for snow boards and ski's.  We built a shelf with room behind it and a strap system to secure the standing tall items.

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